Broken Land Heads Back into the Studio

Every new band sets its sight on a series of goals and works as a group to achieve them. And for any band at any level, heading into a world-class recording studio is high on the list – especially if you’re bringing fresh, new, original songs with you.

After releasing our first three EP’s of original tunes last year, Broken Land has booked recording sessions at Far And Away Studios ( in Boulder, CO to record a collection of remarkable new songs that builds on the musical foundation we’ve laid – and at the same time -- takes us into new musical terrain. Songwriting is at the core of our journey, and our commitment to create original, unbound music is the basis of our collaboration.

On a lot of levels this past year has been so rewarding for our band. We’ve had some great shows including recent appearances at Nissi’s, Odd13, and Bootstrap Brewing, and now we get to immerse ourselves in a super studio, unleash these new tunes – and bring out the essence of our music: passionate stories, powerful arrangements, and a collective voice. We love what we do. We love doing it together. And we can’t wait to share these new songs with you.

Thanks for being part of Broken Land!